Medical Wing Chapter is the basic unit of service centre of Medical Wing that functions at the level of local BK Centre. A Medical Wing Chapter operates either at a single BK Centre or between 2 or more BK Centres. Local Medical Wing Chapters are responsible for planning and execution of all the Medical Wing activities of that area.

Medical Wing Chapters helps to do services in a more better form and enables easy interaction of co-ordinators of each local chapter with the Medical Wing HQ.

Our efforts to make the nation healthy is still continuing…


De-addiction Promotion and Addiction Prevention (DPAP) Centre is a novel concept by Medical Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation. We have around 850 accredited DPAP centres across the country.

We will be introducing a spiritually augmented healthy lifestyle, Raja Yogi Lifestyle, as taught by Brahma Kumaris to the client. We will request the client to join our 7 days basic Raja Yoga course. We will also help the client to empower himself/herself by introducing values in life and living. The unique, healthy, spiritually augmented lifestyle helps people to stay away from drugs for longer duration and thus be more effective in relapse prevention. The objective is to help the subject to refuse the offer of a drug in specific social context. This leads to a general positive impact upon personal development, thus preventing the contact of the subject with substances of abuse.

The DPAP centres also do awareness services to reach the message to the general public and forward a quarterly report of their services to the Medical Wing HQ Coordination Office that includes how many new people got de-addicted after following Raja Yogi Lifestyle, de-addiction services they have done in their area etc.