Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation is the only hope to combat the epidemic of Coronary Artery Disease. The theme of the project is to team up for Healthy Heart.

Preventive Cardiology represents an inter-disciplinary approach to scientifically evaluate the burden of disease due to Caro Vascular Disease (CVD), determine the multi factorial etiology of various disorders and evolve an integrated strategy to promote the requisite biological and social milieu to reduce the risk of CVD to prevent the loss of valuable manpower and economic resources to the community. Prevention is absolutely essential if the fruits of our development are not to be engulfed and devoured by the epidemic of CAD.

CAD is research project by Global Hospital and Research Centre regarding ‘Preventive Programmes of Cardiovascular Disease’. This Coronary Artery Disease Regression Project addresses the root cause of heart disease, thereby giving patients a chance to lead a normal healthy lifestyle without resorting to surgery. Launched in the year 1997 by the JW Global Hospital and Research and Centre, this project is an interdisciplinary multi-centric experimental study in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, India and a few other institutions to observe the extent of regression in heart patients after they adopt a vegetarian diet regularly practice moderate aerobic exercise and then apply the technique of Raja Yoga Meditation to control stress. The project focuses on a study involving a pathological process called ‘Arteriosclerosis’, where developing blocks scientifically called plaques, in coronary arteries have been found to reverse when specific lifestyle changes are permanently incorporated by patients.

This represents the 3D Healthcare for Healthy Mind, Heart and Body, a Healthy Lifestyle concept. It aims to Self-responsibility through self-empowerment, Self-awareness, Multi-dimensionality, Biological clock/circadian rhythm. This Healthy Lifestyle program is feasible, safe and compatible with other treatments in the setting of advanced coronary atherosclerosis with a high degree of compliance. The study support the hypothesis that adoption and maintenance of this unique user-friendly healthy lifestyle program, which motivates patients to take up responsibility of their own health on the basis of practicing inner self consciousness can lead to a significant reduction in cardiac events, coronary atherosclerosis and effective control of symptoms like angina and breathlessness, a reduction of requirement for anti-anginal drugs, better control of hypertension and an improvement in exercise tolerance.

This successful method of prevention of heart, has been proved and has been published in the Indian Heart Journal of the Cardiological Society of India. The World has stood up and taken note of this research article in Mount Abu Open Heart Trail (MAOUT), is now ranked first amongst the top 20 articles, the selection being made from all the research papers published all over the world in 2011. It is a practical experience of opening of coronary blockages with unique user friendly Healthy Lifestyle – 3D Healthcare Program – Raja Yoga Meditation, Satwic low fat, high fiber balanced diet and daily morning walk with sunrise. Benefits of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Lifestyle proven in angiographically documented CAD patients in the landmark research study on Regression of coronary blockages and better control of Hypertension, diabetes, Obesity etc. through Healthy Lifestyle – 3D Healthcare Program. Even 100% calcified blockages opened up in persons who sincerely adhered to the prescribed program.


This is a research project to find the efficacy of Raja Yogi Lifestyle as taught by Brahma Kumaris. As the first phase, a retrospective study was conducted. A multi-centric prospective study is planned in the second phase.

(a) Retrospective Study:

A retrospective study of 1021 persons who were dependent on Tobacco in various form were studied. The purpose of the study was to study the effectiveness of a spiritually augmented lifestyle – Raja Yogi Lifestyle in tobacco de-addiction. The participants were found to respond very positively in the ease of giving up tobacco, minimal duration required to give up and almost no relapse when they followed all aspects of the Raja Yogi Lifestyle (early morning meditation (Amrit Vela), Evening Meditation, Meditation before sleep, daily positive thinking and knowledge classes (Murli), Practice of control of thoughts at prefixed timings (Traffic Control), Satwik diet and soul consciousness).

Data was collected on one to one interview basis after obtaining consent of 1021 persons spread across 25 states and 2 Union Territories of India [2013-2015]. The data was managed centrally at Medical Wing Research Office located at Shantivan Complex, Abu Road, Rajasthan and further analysed by independent analyst from Mumbai.

It was observed that after following raja yogi lifestyle regularly, 62.60% quit tobacco within 1 month, 7.49% quitted tobacco after following raja yogi lifestyle from 1-6 months, 14.43% quitted tobacco after following raja yogi lifestyle from 6-12 months & 15.47% quitted tobacco after following raja yogi lifestyle for more than 12 months.

Raja yogi lifestyle is associated with health promoting behaviours .The findings of this study conclude that Raja Yogi Lifestyle is effective in management and relapse prevention of those addicted to tobacco.

(b) Prospective Study: In the pipeline.


In the present world, due to high cost of living and increased female literacy, we are finding more and more working women.  Working women have to manage their career and the household equally and without much help in hand.  Along with that now a days as the husband and wife are quite highly talented, they get job opportunities all around the world, and so they have leave their family and have to go and stay away from joint families.  Previously we all were staying in joint families where the elder woman used to guide the pregnant woman, according to the traditional ways.  These are always helpful for her and her unborn baby, in a sense they provide divine sanskar.

During pregnancy there is a great increase in mental and physical stress.  This at times affects the woman’s health and she cannot adequately take care of herself due to constraint of time.  Since her career is also a priority, the proper care of her during pregnancy takes a back seat and many a times she lands up with some complications which are definitely on the rise due to above reasons.

There is increased tendency towards late night parties,, smoking and alcohol.  This gives rise to adverse effects on the mother and the fetus.  To add to the problems, exercise level is very low and jobs mainly involve sitting for a longer time and fast food consumption is like adding fuel to fire.  All this leads to increase in complications in pregnant woman.

To control all this, Empowering Young Generation Project from Medical Wing is the way to prepare the pregnant lady which will give a woman and her baby the best possible start by providing right conditions for the developing baby.  As the developing baby is entirely dependent on the mother for nourishment and protection, a woman’s lifestyle can affect the health of her future baby.  It is wise for the woman to alter her lifestyle, to eliminate the bad habits and to have good, healthy and well managed lifestyle.

Preliminary study of 532 women show that by following Empowering Young Generation Project guidelines, pre-term labor was significantly lower (<0.02) in study group.  The number of babies with birth weight > or = 2500 gram was significantly higher (<0.02) in study group. Vaginal delivery was significantly higher (<0.01) in study group. Complication seen as isolated intra-uterine growth retardation IUGR (<0.002) and pregnancy induced hypertension with associated IUGR were significantly lower (<0.001) in study group.

Stress management through meditative lifestyle and nutritional management may contribute to decreased risk of premature delivery or low birth weight babies, and eventually would decrease problems in the infant, children, adolescent and fetal origin of adult diseases. Exercise during pregnancy would reduce the risk of cesarean delivery.

3D antenatal care is safe, relatively cheap to implement and would reduce the costs of long term healthcare.


Diabetes Mellitus, especially Type 2 Diabetes is a lifelong disease. It is a life threatening lifestyle disease of multiple etiologies and also a multi-systemic disorder. It is spreading like an epidemic across the world and is mostly affecting the people of developing countries like India. It has became the No.1 serious health hazard devastating the socio-economic condition of our nation. More than 10 lakhs of Indians die to diabetes complications every year. According to International Diabetes Foundation, in every 8 seconds one patient of diabetes is dying and two new individuals are falling prey to the disease.

In this scenario, only hope to combat the epidemic is prevention and rehabilitation through holistic approach. So the Medical Wing in association with JW Global Hospital & Research Centre came up with a project Holistic Approach To Diabetes (HAD). The theme of the project is to team up for Healthy Lifestyle. The Prevention Diabetology represents an inter disciplinary approach to scientifically evaluate the burden of disease due to Diabetes, determine the multi factorial etiology of various disorders and evolve an integrated strategy to promote the requisite biological and social milieu to reduce the risk of Diabetes to prevent the loss of valuable man hour and economic resources. The preventive approach is needed for the fruits of our development are not to be engulfed and devoured by the epidemic of Diabetes.

An urgent need of the hour is to formulate National Lifestyle Disease Control Programme. The programme should aim at primordial prevention of lifestyle related to children, primary prevention of CAD, hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity through modulation of lifestyle, early diagnosis and effective management. The HAD project addresses the root cause of Diabetes, thereby giving patients a chance to lead a normal healthy lifestyle.


This Medical Wing project is in pipeline, pending approval from concerned authorities.

Spiritually augmented lifestyle is not a cure-all for all, but it assists the healing process. The Brahma Kumaris has been in existence for nearly 8 decades and there has been increasing calls from research bodies in India for further research projects to measure the efficacy of Raja Yoga Meditation and Raja Yogi Lifestyle as adjunct therapy in a number of medical conditions.

Given the longevity achievable with current prophylactic and therapeutic strategies for persons with HIV infection, quality of life (QOL) has emerged as a significant medical outcome measure, and its enhancement has an important goal. Consequently, the impact of HIV infection on the dimensions of QOL, including physical and emotional well-being, social support systems, and life roles, has emerged as a key issue for persons infected with HIV.

The aim of this project is to study the level of acceptance and adherence of a spiritually augmented lifestyle – Raja Yogi Lifestyle; promotion of a healthy and wealthy lifestyle that is flexible, compatible, easily adhered to and result oriented among different ages, races and ethnicity. The purpose of this project is to study the effectiveness of a spiritually augmented lifestyle – Raja Yogi Lifestyle – in improving the Quality of Life in HIV +ve patients.

The practice of Raja Yogi Lifestyle consists of early morning meditation, Evening Meditation, Meditation before sleep, daily positive thinking & knowledge classes, Satwik diet and soul consciousness. Meditation is the essential key in Raja yogi lifestyle.

The proposed project study is a client-based, prospective, institutional study on patients living with HIV, who are on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) for at least 1 to 6 years of either sex and in the age-group of 18-60 years. The study shall be conducted at multiple ART Centre. The intervention, Raja Yogi Lifestyle training will be given by trained Raja yoga teachers/volunteers at the ART Centre as per the prescribed schedule. The participants will be grouped into – Group 1 – Willing to follow Raja Yogi Lifestyle (Intervention with Raja Yogi Lifestyle), Group 2 – Following conventional treatment and some kind of meditation/spiritual lifestyle and Group 3 – Following only conventional treatment (Control Group). The subjects shall be evaluated for – Haemogram, CXR, RFT, LFT, USG, Blood Sugar, Urine and CD4 Count at baseline, after 6 months and one year.

The collected data shall be subjected to detailed statistical analysis by a statistician and the results shall be made public for the larger benefit of community.

The expected outcome of the study project is to find the efficiency (if any) of Raja Yogi Lifestyle as taught by Brahma Kumaris as an adjunct therapy in improving Quality of Life in HIV +ve patients.