Our Vision

The Medical Wing is trying to meet the challenge of building a healthier world by introducing a holistic approach in health care. It aims to eradicate disease and suffering by spreading awareness about all aspects of health and by using the combined therapies of medication and meditation to restore health. Meditation is a process of relaxing the mind and the body and emerging one’s inner powers through positive thinking. It empowers a person to face the ups and downs of life without coming under stress. It triggers a relaxation response within the body by which various biological parameters are set right. Increased will power helps patients to regain health quickly.

We conduct the following programmes:

  • Scientific experiments to understand the psycho-physiological mechanisms by which Raja Yoga helps one to achieve complete health. Comparative studies carried out in Melbourne and San Francisco on meditation practitioners by recording their EEG, EMG and other physiological parameters have consistently shown unique results in the case of Raja Yoga.
  • Scientific surveys on the benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation / Raja Yogi Lifestyle. Document, interpret and publish the results of such surveys.
  • Project the concept of holistic health care through conferences and seminars on a wide range of topics such as Meditation as Medicine, Science and Spirituality, Principles of Healthy Living, Mind-Body Medicine, Holistic Health etc.
  • Holistic Health Fairs to spread awareness about ills of drug addiction, thereby attempting to save the younger generation from tobacco, alcohol and psychotropic drug abuse.
  • Popularize lifestyle modifications such as diet, exercise and meditation to prevent and regress modern stress related diseases like Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD), Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension etc.
  • Educate the rural masses about healthy living, personal hygiene and nutrition.
  • Work in collaboration with the Governments, the public, professional medical organizations and NGOs to achieve holistic health for all.
  • Practical applications of spirituality/spiritually augmented healthy lifestyle for medical professionals to improve doctor-patient relationships.
  • Propagate Raja Yogi Lifestyle as an auxiliary means to achieve positive health.
  • Re-affirm ethical standards of the medical profession.