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1st National Conference – GITA

We could organise 1st National conference of Global Initiative of Tobacco Awareness (GITA) at Mumbai on 8th October.   It was a grand success and we are getting invitation from all over India for organising similar conferences.


Medical Wing is organizing SAHAJ JEEVAN, SAHAJ YOG,  a Meditation Retreat exclusively for its members at Global Auditorium, Manmohini Van Complex, Abu Road from 9 – 11 September, 2016 Eminent Senior Raja Yoga Teachers leading the sessions of the Meditation Retreat...


Yoga Videos

Yoga, the ultimate resource to strengthen, center and awaken your body, mind and soul. With our vast library of yoga videos, Pilates and fitness videos, articles, guides and more, the possibilities for positive change are endless. Join our community and ignite...