Yoga is a system of holistic living, having the roots in Indian tradition and culture. Evolved thousands of years back by the Rishis, Yoga techniques are being widely used for meeting the changing health care needs of mankind. Yoga has attracted global attention in recent years. The awareness about Yogic practices is increasing among people from different walks of life, not only for preservation and promotion of health, but also for the management of various diseases. Many Yoga experts and Medical Professionals have been advocating Yogic lifestyle intervention for the prevention and management of stress induced and other psychosomatic disorders. Keeping in view the time-tested benefits of Yoga and being highly economical, it is felt that the Yoga facility should be made available to more and more people adhering to the classical knowledge, so that people trained in Yoga can derive maximum benefits. Also as popularity of Yoga is growing, the demand for Yoga training is increasing at all level.

The popularity of Yoga has grown beyond our country and the practice of Yoga can be seen in many of the foreign countries. The Yoga has crossed all the limitations of region, religion, caste, creed and nationality. Nevertheless, the Hon’ble Prime Minister has stressed the need of spreading Yoga at global level, keeping in view the fact that Yoga is well accepted and the utility of Yoga can be used in a better way.

Recently, the UN has declared 21st June as the International Day of Yoga with the support of around 177 countries. The Ministry of AYUSH is given the responsibilities to make all arrangements for celebration of the International Day of Yoga in a befitting manner.

Keeping this in view, the Brahma Kumaris organised one month yoga training programme from 21st May to 20th June in all the districts of the country. Based on the success and enthusiasm of the people of India towards celebration of International Day of Yoga last year, it has been decided to celebrate the International Day of Yoga this year also at country-wide level.