Cordial Invitation for 35th National Conference on Mind-Body Medicine

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15 Responses

  1. Bk Kumar says:

    Are medical students allowed? if not then why?

    • divineangel says:

      This is a conference for senior medical professionals of all systems of medicine. Medical students are not allowed. However, time to time, we organize separate programs for medical and other students at our headquarters and other places, details of which can be avail from your local Brahma Kumaris Centre.

  2. I have registered for September conference but as no accommodation available near venue I wish to attend Same Conference On Jan 2018 do I have to go for New Form filling for January

  3. Dr Sukumar Joshi says:

    I’m trying to reach out for 35th conference January 18 but it doesn’t work filled form submit does not work for 3 days I have tried.

  4. suresh kumar says:

    Are senior nurses allowed ?

  5. Dr.Rajendra Mehta says:

    I am a senior Chest Physician & my wife is a faculty in Dept. of Physiology in Govt. Medical college. we both have to register separately & how can we contact our nearest BK center as in our area where we did Rajyoga training is a very small center having no email id or phone, it is in Lokmany Nagar, Indore, Please snuggest.

    • divineangel says:

      Thank you for your interest in our conferences. Your nearest BK center coordinator will help you in registering. You can put email ID of the main center to which your local center is attached. Of course, you will be giving your email ID also, so you will get a copy of mail from our Event Management Team. With permission of your local BK center coordinator, you can also register both your names directly.

  6. Dr Mahesh says:

    I am a naturopathy and yoga physician and physiologist working in a medical college. Is it possible for me to attend the conference.

    • divineangel says:

      Yes Sir. You are very much welcome.

    • divineangel says:

      Sorry, this conference is for senior doctors of modern medicine. We conduct separate conference for alternative healthcare professionals. The next conference is from January 26-29, 2018. Please register at our website.

  7. Sohan says:

    Are senior nursing officers allowed??

    • divineangel says:

      Sorry, this conference is for senior doctors of modern medicine. We conduct separate conference for nursing professionals. Please be in touch with your nearest BK Centre or our website.

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